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In Japanese, Hanakasumi literally translates to “cherry blossom mist”. Inspired by the bathing ritual in Japan, this massage is divine on all counts.

A unique Japanese-inspired protocol: exfoliation with gloves, massage of the whole body and feet in a rejuvenating and nourishing ritual with airy notes.

The ritual begins with the application of the cherry blossom scrub. Then, a massage inspired by reflexology helps to revive the flow of energy. Then, the exfoliation is carried out using exfoliating gloves in all delicacy. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage with shea butter to hydrate the skin.

A session of a Hanakasumi massage is a pleasant moment to savor. It is ideal for reducing fatigue and stress after a day’s work.

  • 60 minutes (30 minutes of massage and 30 minutes of exfoliation): $129.00
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